Timeline: 2020-2029


250 year anniversary of colonisation

The year 2020 is the 250th Anniversary of Cooks arrival at Botany Bay in 1770. In a speech about the Encounters 2020 project, Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt states “Cook’s arrival and exploration in 1770s is not viewed by all Australians in the same way” and points to the need for a platform for the truth to be told and heard.

Black Lives Matter – George Floyd Protests in the USA

George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American man was killed by police during an arrest in Minneapolis on the 25th of May 2020. His death reignites the Black Lives Matter movement as thousands of Americans band together to protest against systemic racism. This sparks a reaction around the world, and Australia also takes part in Black Lives Matter protests to bring attention to indigenous deaths in custody and systemic racism in Australia.
Reference: NY Times – George Floyd Protests

6 June 2000

Black Lives Matter – Protests in Australia

On the 6th of June, thousands of Australians gather in state capital cities all over Australia including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane to march against Indigenous deaths in custody, the killing of George Floyd and systemic racism.
Reference: The Guardian – George Floyd Protests Australia

SBS The Feed – Black Lives Matter Protests Sydney

17 year old Ken Weldon gives his insight into the Black Lives Matter protests.
Reference: The SBS feed on Facebook


Indigenous teenager slammed into ground by police officer

A video of an Indigenous teenager being thrown to the ground by a police officer goes viral, sparking outrage.
SBS – Video – Indigenous teen slammed into the ground