By ‘school-to-school’ we mean an exchange program that is designed, organised, and implemented by and between two or more schools.

A direct, school-to-school exchange may be one-off, occasional, or regular and ongoing and may take the form of regular or occasional group visits between schools, online interaction or a combination of these.

School to school exchanges may include:

  • curriculum-based, in-class projects or at home, student assignments;
  • cross-curricular, whole year or whole school collaborative initiatives;
  • specially designed projects which address specific local or whole school needs;
  • media production as a curriculum or cross-curriculum focus.

Cultural exchange programs should focus on relationship-building. To this end, program development should be collaborative and consultative, involving students and teachers from all partner schools in the planning and implementation stages.

Getting started

  1. Talk to students and teachers to get ideas and input into the kind of exchange that will work best for the schools involved, as well as the ways that the exchange might connect to existing learning goals/study areas;
  2. Browse this website, especially the “School Stories” pages, for cultural exchange ideas and success stories from other schools;