School planning

Racism. No way! a Guide for Australian Schools

The following pdfs from the document may be downloaded and printed for school and community use.

Reconciliation Action Plans

The key steps for developing a RAP are: 

  • Establish a RAP Working Group: A diverse Working Group ensures the responsibility of implementing reconciliation initiatives does not sit with one person. Your Working Group can include teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, students and community members.
  • Complete the Reflection Survey: To assist with planning, the Reflection Survey gives a snapshot of reconciliation in the school or early learning service.
  • Write a Vision for Reconciliation: A Vision clearly communicates the school or early learning service’s commitment to reconciliation to the community.
  • Add RAP Actions: There are 40 RAP Actions to select from, including 14 that are a minimum requirement.
  • Submit the RAP: RAPs are submitted to the Principal or Director for approval and then to Reconciliation Australia who will review the RAP’s Vision for Reconciliation and Acknowledgement of Country statements prior to publication.
  • Refresh the RAP: 12 months after publication, the RAP will be reverted to draft to allow the RAP Working Group to refresh the RAP and ensure it remains a living and dynamic document. While all data from the previous version of the RAP will be retained, the refresh process involves, at minimum, re-completing the Reflection Survey and re-submitting the RAP. It is also an opportunity to make updates to the Vision for Reconciliation statement and add new Actions to the RAP.