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By recording your name and comment here, you can demonstrate your support to the goal and principles of anti-racism education and eliminating racism in Australian schools and society. By collecting the names and comments of supporters, we aim to demonstrate the strength of this commitment.

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I hereby pledge my support for the goal and principles of anti-racism education and will work towards eliminating racism from our schools and society as a whole.

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What people say?

Regardless of what we look like or what colour we are, We all Belong to one race and that is the Human race! We need to treat everyone with respect and dignity to help make our world a beautiful place to be. I PLEDGE to promote Diversity and Anti-Racism through Education in a bid to route out Racism.
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Do not see people as the colour they are, but as the person they are
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Goals and principles


Kids holding signs up stating: Racism. It stops with me


A just society

Schools impart the values of a just, democratic and harmonious Australian society with a shared commitment among all members of the school community to human rights and civic responsibilities.

A safe and secure environment

All members of the school community – staff, students and parents have the right to a safe and productive teaching, learning and working environment free from racism.

Diversity and cultural identity

Cultural and linguistic diversity is acknowledged and valued so that all students, parents and employees are able to express their own cultural identity, relate in a positive way to others of diverse backgrounds and recognise the benefits of diversity for Australian society.

Culturally inclusive education

Curriculum, resources, assessment and teaching practices value and respond to the cultural and linguistic diversity of the community and provide educational experiences that are inclusive of the diverse needs of all students.

Equitable access, participation and outcomes

Students of all cultural or linguistic backgrounds participate in quality teaching and learning programs that enable them to achieve their full potential.