Don’t touch people without permission

UK immigrants to be told

© Express India, London
February 5, 2008

Britain is planning to come up with an etiquette guideline for new immigrants, who will be told not to spit in the streets, grope women, or litter and learn how to stand in queues.

Communities Secretary Hazel Blears said immigrants should be given information packs explaining British customs and containing advice on social rules such as ‘not littering, not spitting and queuing in shops’, media reports said. Immigrants would also be advised not to touch people without permission or play loud music.

The government’s plans — which are being published for consultation — is an effort to avoid community tensions and help newcomers integrate.

Blears said Britain had a proud tradition of welcoming new arrivals to the UK, and “it is only right that we expect migrants to play by our rules. In return we have a role in explaining just what those rules are.”

“Information packs are a way of getting that info across – providing a rough guide to the country, the county and the city and helping to ensure that new arrivals avoid doing or saying things that might upset local settled communities or getting into trouble with the law,” she said.

While making the ‘welcome packs’, local authorities are being told to include details such as how to access local provision like English language classes, waste and recycling services and employment services; practical information on rights and responsibilities including national laws and rules around paying taxes.