Endeavour: Eight Days in Kamay

Lesson overview

Learning Area:History – Science and technology – Geography – English – PDHPE – The Arts
Age Group:K-12


This online resource aims to explore Aboriginal knowledge and histories highlighted alongside European perspectives through diverse K-11 student-centred learning activities.


This learning and teaching resource provides a range of viewpoints and works to challenge current perceptions of the arrival of Captain James Cook and the HMB Endeavour at Kamay Botany Bay in 1770. It is an inclusive resource, placing value on the Aboriginal perspective to “balance the history books” by looking both from the ship and from the shore.

The curriculum resources have been designed to be accessible for use in both the New South Wales and Australian curriculum. Syllabus links are available via the Teacher Notes pages located on each learning resource.

This learning resource offers cross curricular activities for Kindergarten to year 10. Although grouped by years, activities may be suitable for other years and subjects.

Resources can be student-centred or teacher-directed, and can act as stand-alone activities that can be selected independently or in a sequence to best suit student needs and interests.