My Family, My Australia

Lesson overview

Learning Area:Languages other than English (LOTE) – The Arts
Age Group:Primary Upper (10-12 years) – Secondary Lower (13-14 years) – Secondary Middle (15-16 years)


Students explore different cultural influences and their contribution to Australian identities.


In this activity students reflect on their own backgrounds and making links with their peers, reflect on our heritage.

Resources needed

Art materials


Students view My family- My Australia, identifying the various symbols used and suggest links there may be to the artist, her family and Australia. 

Make a class family mosaic

Students make a class family mosaic using similar strategies.

  • Brainstorm images of family life and background
  • Create individual mind maps of family life with self as centre- include family, community, national and international memories/history
  • Share with others
  • Create images using symbols, paintings, drawings, collage- pictures from magazines, photographs etc or even stitching
  • The compilation could be a mural or a mosaic or based on a map of Australia to signify belonging together in a culturally diverse society.

Additional strategies

Students create individual works based on pictures of themselves surrounded by their family icons.