Playing the game

Lesson overview

Learning Area:Health and Physical Education
Age Group:Primary Upper (10-12 years) – Secondary Lower (13-14 years) – Secondary Middle (15-16 years)


Students recognise racial conflict at school and explore its roots and consequences.


The Game: Playing the Game depicts racial conflict, including name-calling and factors that influence emotions, taking place during a basketball game at a high school. It shows how the teacher deals with the situation. The activities suggested are provided as alternatives. Any one activity could be chosen or a combination of activities, either in the same session or across a series of sessions.


  1. View video
  2. Form groups of 4 or 5 students
  3. Distribute focus notes and allocate roles
  4. View the video again
  5. Assume roles for discussion
  6. Some groups may be happy to present to class and/or class discussion may provide closure
  1. View video
  2. Form class into 3 or 6 groups
  3. Give each group a discussion starter- Stereotyping, Racism, Racism in Action
  4. View the video again
  5. Each group elects a recorder to take notes on butcher’s paper and a reporter to provide feedback to the class
  6. Group discussion
  7. Feedback to class giving opportunity for general comment

Activity sheets (download)

These may be used in groups or individually as stimulus for either discussion or written work