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The Pocket Public School’s “Show-off” for the Great Schools Showcase.

Education Week “Great Schools Show-off”

The Great Schools ‘Show-off’ is a competition among NSW schools held in celebration of Education Week. An initiative of the NSW Department of Education and Communities, the goal is to have students develop digital media presentations highlighting what is great and unique about their schools.

One hundred and eighty schools from across the state entered the competition in 2011 and the winning schools received digital still cameras, video camcorders and HD televisions provided by Principal Partner, Panasonic. Videos of the three state winners for 2011 – the Pocket Public School, Gosford High School, and Tuggerah Lakes Learning Community – can be viewed on the competition page of the NSW schools website.

NSW Schools “A Day in My Life” Project

This project supported the production of a range of films developed by schools which reflect the diversity of NSW schools and students. As a part of the project, professional development in digital film making was provided to teachers, who then developed films with their classes. This project was a joint initiative of the NSW Department of Education and Communities Multicultural Programs Unit and Macquarie ICT Innovations Centre.

View films from the ‘A day in My Life’ project.

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“We are all Australian” (Strathfield Sth & Windsor High Schools)​.

“We are all Australian” (Strathfield Sth & Windsor High Schools)

Students from two very different Sydney schools got together to challenge their views of each other in a film, We are all Australian launched at Strathfield South High School earlier this year. The DVD documents students from Strathfield South and Windsor High Schools as they visit each other’s schools and communities. The students examine the role that various factors, including politicians and the media, play in shaping attitudes towards people of different backgrounds.

For a copy of the DVD and teaching guide, contact Strathfield South High School.

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Cabramatta and Davidson High School – Friends Through Film project.

Friends Through Film project

Cabramatta High School joined with Davidson High School to create a documentary called Friends Through Film. The documentary explored issues of racial perception and united students from different cultural backgrounds.

Read more about the Friends Through Film project.