Grays Point & Auburn Public Schools

The schools initially devised a writing exchange consisting of personal introductions and stories about where they live and what they value about their community. These letters were exchanged over a period of time with increasing levels of personal information being shared.

A visit was then organised with Grays Point students and parents travelling to Auburn. The parents visited the Gallipoli Mosque and the students participated in a range of activities at Auburn Public School learning how to count in a variety of languages, meeting their pen-pals and sharing food.

A return visit was organised where Auburn students visited the Royal National Park. Discovery Rangers, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, talked about local Indigenous and environmental issues, surviving in the bush and what life was like before the coming of the first fleet. After some bush tucker, the children and parents walked back to the school through the bush to learn about bush craft.

Auburn Public School is a multicultural school with a tolerant and supportive ethos, committed to doing the best for all its students. Approximately 95% of the school’s student population come from language backgrounds other than English, with many students coming from refugee backgrounds including Iraq and Afghanistan. Grays Point Public School is located in a unique bush setting in the Royal National Park. The school features well equipped and modern classrooms, a computer laboratory and library.