National Reconciliation Week 2023

National Reconciliation Week has been observed in Australia since 1996. It is a time for all of us to reflect on how Australians of all backgrounds have contributed to the country’s history, culture and achievements. It is aslo an opportunity to explore ways in which each of us can authentically participate and contribute to achieving meaningful reconciliation in Australia. 

National Reconciliation Week is preceded by National Sorry Day on May 26, and is framed by two significant events in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s  history and the reconciliation journey: the successful 1967 Referendum (26 May 1967) and the High Court Mabo decision (3 June 1992).

The National Reconciliation Week 2023 theme, Be the Voice for Generations, calls on all Australians to honour the work of generations past who fought tirelessly for justice and the rights of  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The theme also urges all Australians to work together and use their collective power, voice, words, and vote to create a more just and equitable Australia for all. 

“Reconciliation is about building a better nation; a more united Australia that respects and takes pride in 65,000 years of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, cultures, histories, stories and achievements; an Australia that believes in the right of First Nations peoples to make decisions about our lives and our communities; and an Australia that stands opposed to racism, inequity and injustice,” Karen Mundine, NSW Reconciliation CEO.

Let’s all take on the challenge and be the voice for a reconciled Australia.