Three women and two men from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds smiling and posing for the camera.

Refugee Week 2022

The theme for Refugee Week 2022 – Healing

The aim of Refugee Week is to promote intercultural understanding to enable refugees to live in safety, integrate into their new Australian communities, and continue to make a valuable contribution to Australian society.

Refugee week provides a unique opportunity to raise awareness of the issues affecting refugees, highlight the positive contributions refugees have made and continue to make to Australian society, and for all Australians to experience and celebrate the rich cultural diversity of Australian refugee communities.

This year’s theme, Healing,  invites and encourages all Australians to:

  • pause and reflect on our behaviour towards one another
  • draw on shared hardship experienced through the pandemic and recent floods, learn from each other, and emerge a more compassionate and connected society, and
  • appreciate, honour and celebrate our intrinsic interconnectedness as people.

Whether you are hosting a local meal, a community event or attending an online event to hear from people all over the world, join us as we call for the spirit of healing and celebrate the richness refugees bring and the many contributions they make to our communities.

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