1.12: Anti-bias role plays

Lesson overview

Theme:Understanding Prejudice
Age Group:Year 1
Learning Area:English

Content descriptor

Students engage in conversations and discussions, using active listening behaviours, showing interest and contributing ideas, information and questions.

Teachers notes

  1. Alternative discrimination scenarios may be substituted in this activity where appropriate.
  2. Where this activity is conducted in isolation, more time should be devoted to identifying different types of discrimination.


Butcher’s paper


  1. Copy and cut up the biased scenarios in the handout: Biased scenarios [DOC].
  2. Divide the class into small groups of three or four and distribute a scenario to each group.
  3. Ask each group to act out the scenario depicted with, as far as possible, each student playing a different character. Ask the groups to think about how the character being discriminated against must feel.
  4. Ask each group to role play their scenario in front of the class.
  5. At the end of each role play, ask the class to describe the type of discrimination illustrated and to report on the impact of this discrimination on the character(s) involved. Summarise responses on the board or on butcher’s paper.
  6. As a follow up to this activity, students may be asked to devise strategies to deal with the situations depicted in the scenarios. Groups may be asked to re-form and re enact the scenarios incorporating their solutions for dealing with prejudice.