1.1: Who am I?

Lesson overview

Theme:Developing identity and self-esteem
Age Group:Year 1
Learning Area:English

Content descriptor

Students make s short presentation using some introduced text structures and language.

Teachers notes

This activity encourages students to create positive affirmations about their own ability and/ or characteristics.



  1. Introduce this activity by explaining that every individual has qualities which make them unique and contribute to their identity.
  2. Ask students to write short statements about themselves using the
    handout: Who am I? [DOC]. Discuss appropriate qualities to include and model some descriptive statements. To encourage a variety of responses, ensure that students write their statements individually and preferably away from the influence of friends.
  3. Collect the descriptions and re-write the statements onto numbered cards ensuring that students’ names are not on the cards but recorded on a separate sheet against the appropriate card number.
  4. In turn, ask each student to select a card to read to the class. The class must try to guess who is being described. Allow three guesses before revealing the correct answer. Students who guess correctly get a star or other prize. If no one guesses correctly, the person who is being described receives the star or prize.