1.7: Flower power

Lesson overview

Theme:Being comfortable with difference
Age Group:Year 1
Learning Area:Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Content descriptor

Students discuss the things that they do well, e.g. games, schoolwork, caring for siblings.

Teachers notes

  1. Teachers may need to provide examples of qualities that make people special.
  2. As an alternative to this activity, teachers may ask students to bring in photos of themselves or draw pictures of themselves instead of taking photographs of students.


  • Digital or instant camera
  • Coloured pencils, crayons or textas
  • YouTube clip (Will.I.Am lyrics, produced by Gesyall) “What I Am


  1. Introduce this activity by explaining that we all have unique qualities which make us special.
  2. Ask the students to sit in a circle. Include yourself and any visitors.
  3. As a model, complete the following statement:
    1. I believe I am special because…..
  4. Ask students to complete the statement in turn explaining why they are special.
  5. Ask students to return to their seats and distribute the handout: I am special because… [DOC]. In each of the petals, ask students to write down different things that make them special. Example:
    1. I am special because I help people.
    2. I am special because I can run fast.
    3. I am special because I am a good friend.
  6. While the class is working, take photos of each of the students. Paste photos (or draw) onto completed handouts so that each students photo forms the centre of their flower. Ask students to decorate their petals.
  7. Display the completed flowers in the classroom.
  8. Display the exposition and the student artwork in the classroom.
  1. Play song on YouTube by Will.I.am “What I Am“. Students can read along with the lyrics.
  2. Discuss the attributes that make the subject of this song special e.g. thoughtful, musical, smart, brave, helpful, special, super, proud, friendly, grouchy, magical. Are they all positive qualities?
  3. Ask the students to identify any that are not positive. Compare and contrast with the special qualities the students have included in their petals.