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Junior crossword (General knowledge) solved

Questions and answers to Junior crossword puzzle: Discrimination

Across questions and answers

1 across question: It is illegal to discriminate against a person because of their _____ – Answer: RACE
5 across question: Someone who has left their country because it is unsafe – Answer: REFUGEE
8 across question: We are _____, but we are many – Answer: ONE
10 across question: Many different cultures – Answer: MULTICULTURAL
12 across question: Someone who picks on others – Answer: BULLY
13 across question: Many different people came to Australia after the Second World ___ – Answer: WAR
16 across question: Over 200 different _____ are spoken in Australia – Answer: LANGUAGES
20 across question: Australians come from many different cultures and _____. – Answer: BACKGROUNDS

Down questions and answers

1 down question: Discrimination on the basis of race – Answer: RACISM
2 down question: Everyone has a right to live in a society _____ of racism – Answer: FREE
3 down question: To assist – Answer: HELP
4 down question: _____ people and Torres Strait Islanders were the First Australians – Answer: ABORIGINAL
6 down question: The First _____ brought many different people to Australia in 1788 – Answer: FLEET
7 down question: Australia is made up of people from many different _____ – Answer: CULTURES
9. A word of apology – Answer: SORRY
11 down question: Racial discrimination is against the _____ – Answer: LAW
13 down question: People have migrated to Australia from many different parts of the _____ – Answer: WORLD
14 down question: United Nations (abbr) – Answer: UN
15 down question: Overseas (abbr) – Answer: OS
18 down question: Aboriginal Australian singer, Christine _____ – Answer: ANU
19 down question: To stop or counter – Answer: END