Family holding Australian flag on Citizenship Day

Citizenship Day – 17 Sept 21

Schools, organisations and community groups are encouraged to organise special events and activities. The day is an opportunity for all Australians to reflect on:

  • the meaning and importance of Australian citizenship
  • responsibilities and privileges we have as citizens.

Whether we are citizens through birth or by active choice, it is a chance for all Australians to:

  • take pride in our citizenship
  • celebrate our democratic values
  • think about what unites us as Australians.

Every year on this day, Australia welcomes thousands of new citizens in local communities across the nation.

Citizenship school resources

Explore Australian citizenship in the classroom with the resources provided for both primary and secondary students. Encourage your students to think about what it means to be Australian citizens and prepare welcome messages for new citizens in your local area.

Classroom resources can be found on the Celebrating Australian Citizenship in Schools webpage.

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