Cabramatta High’s Korean exchange

A girl from Cabramatta and girl from Korea reading Jeju, World National Heritage book

Students say…

Students speak for themselves about the benefits of the program:

It was a once in a life time opportunity for both sister schools. For the duration of their time in Australia, Korean students were thrust into a different time zone, a different culture and a whole different way of living and learning. They learnt about our culture and we theirs. This cultural exchange was filled with food, laughter, tears and memories that would be engraved in both the hearts of Cabramatta High School students and Jeju So Middle School students.
– Jennie Ho – Year 10

Throughout the exchange program, we were able to make friends with people who were from a totally different culture with totally different traditions. We were able to learn about their country, their people and about them personally. We were able to extend our knowledge of the Korean language. At the same time, the Korean students were able to experience a totally new culture – the unique Australian multiculturalism. This exchange program has benefited both sister schools – Cabramatta High School and Jeju So Middle School.
– Elena Tran – Year 10

You would think private schools or richer schools would have the privilege to host overseas students but I personally think that our Korea Exchange program has changed an outlook of schools in Western Sydney in general and especially Cabramatta High School in particular.
– April Nguyen – Year 10

Teachers say…

Teachers were similarly enthusiastic about the program’s successful outcomes:

This cultural exchange program has helped the Korean students gain an insight into the real Australia: real schooling, real people and real life. There is no doubt that cultural understanding helps break down cultural barriers and changes the world into a more peaceful place.
– Mrs L. Nguyen – Head Teacher Languages

We see this cultural exchange program as an opportunity to learn more about our world, to build links which are beneficial to both countries and also develop meaningful language experiences.
– Ms E. Godwin – Principal

Cabramatta Public School holds banner for International Education Exchange Program