Cabramatta High & Manilla Central School

Manilla and Cabramatta Student Cultural Exchange

In this program, students from Manilla High School (which is located near Tamworth in northern NSW) and Cabramatta High School visit one another over a two year cycle. This exchange has been in place since 2005.  Prior to Manilla and Cabramatta linking together, Parkes High and Cabramatta High had a similar exchange program which commenced in 1998.

In the Manilla/Cabramatta exchange, twenty students are chosen to travel to the partner school. Individual students are then paired with students from the host school. Students are billeted and interact socially as well as academically over three days. The structured activities at Cabramatta High School include classroom visits, attendance at assemblies, excursions to Sydney Harbour, ice skating, attendance at Rock Eisteddfod performances, indoor rock climbing, visiting Chinese Temples and going tenpin bowling, to the movies and city shopping. At Manilla, the students enjoy classroom and assembly participation, farm excursions, sleeping in a shearing shed, a night dance, a country agricultural show and a picnic at a local dam.

The cost of the exchange program is partly met through specific grants where possible.  Student contributions are used to supplement available funding.  Both schools provide staffing as they would for other excursions. When Cabramatta High School travels to Manilla the students contribute $40 each. Cabramatta High owns two buses which are used for transport.  The hosts at Manilla High pay hospitality costs.

Student responses:

The Manilla program was great. I have learnt so much.

Now I know what the country people do.

I love everything about Manilla. Can we please go again?

Other kids are kicking themselves for not being involved.