2.5: Good to be different

Lesson overview

Theme:Being comfortable with difference
Age Group:Year 2
Learning Area:Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Content descriptor

Students identify specific attributes of other students.

Teachers notes

  1. Any text which explores the theme of difference may be used as an alternative to the suggested texts. Discussion questions may be adapted to relate more directly to selected texts.
  2. Teachers may wish to listen to the interview prior to lesson for iseas to incorporate.


  • Wings by Christopher Myers or similar text such as Why am I different? by Norma Simon
  • Christopher Myers (Wings) interview  – The author talks about being comfortable with difference, the importance of reading and feeling comfortable in his neighbourhood. Start at 5min 52sec.
  • Large sheets of paper and coloured pencils, textas or paints


  1. Read Wings or Why am I different?, or another similar text and lead a class discussion on:
    1. What is special about the people in the book?
    2. What do you think the author is trying to say?
    3. What do you think it feels like to be left out because you are different?
    4. Have you ever been left out because you were different?
    As a follow up, lead a class brainstorm activity on why it is good to be different e.g. Because different people have different skills; because it’s boring to be the same; because it makes us special. Use a Venn diagram to visually show points of difference and commonalities.
  2. Ask students to create a poster individually, in small groups or as a whole class project which represents “Why it is good to be different”.