2.1: Multicultural mural

Lesson overview

Theme:Developing identity and self-esteem
Age Group:Year 2
Learning Area:Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Content descriptor

Students interact with other students and adults.

Teachers notes

  1. This activity may be conducted over several sessions.
  2. The term multicultural has been used here to reflect culture in its broadest sense and refers to diversity of age, ability, socio-economic status, ethnic background, family background, sexuality and gender.
  3. Teachers may wish to involve parent and community members in implementing this activity. For child protection reasons, some caution should be taken if/ when interviewing neighbours. If neighbours are not well known, the student should be accompanied by an adult or older sibling when interviewing them.


Butcher’s paper, large sheets of paper and coloured pencils, textas or paints


  1. Introduce this activity by describing the diversity of Australia or the local community. Reflect a broad interpretation of diversity to include diversity of ability, gender roles, family structure and culture.
  2. In pairs, ask students to research the diversity of each other’s neighbourhood using the handout: Who lives at your place [DOC].
  3. Ask students to report their findings to the class. Map the diversity of the class on the board or on butcher’s paper.
  4. In pairs or small groups, ask students to create artwork which reflects the diversity of the community.
  5. Use the artwork to create a multicultural mural.