2.4: Knowing me, knowing you

Lesson overview

Theme:Developing identity and self-esteem
Age Group:Year 2
Learning Area:English

Content descriptor

Students communicate with a range of people in informal and guided activities demonstrating interaction.

Teachers notes

  1. If students have had limited experience with cultural diversity, it may be necessary to explain terms used in the Handout: Knowing me, knowing you to the class first.
  2. Readers of different abilities may be paired to complete this activity. The teacher may need to model questioning to show subject/verb agreement. E.g. Ali speaks another language. “Do you speak another language?”
  3. The activity may be completed over several sessions.


A4 paper, coloured pencils, textas or crayons


  1. Introduce this activity explaining that each person has different life experiences which influence who they are.
  2. Distribute the handout: Knowing me, knowing you and ask the students to interview each other using the handout. Students must find a class mate to match statements listed on the handout. As far as possible, students should only use each class mate’s name once to encourage interaction between all students.
  3. After completing the handout: Knowing me, knowing you, lead a class discussion on the special facts that students have found out about each other.
  4. In small groups or as a class, ask students to use the information gained to construct class graphs or charts which represent students’ life experiences.