2.2: Guess who?

Lesson overview

Theme:Developing identity and self-esteem
Age Group:Year 2
Learning Area:Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Content descriptor

Students identify specific attributes of other students.

Teachers notes

  1. If preferred, teachers may select only one of the descriptors from from the handout as the “guess who” clue.
  2. This game may be used often over several weeks and makes a good lesson break between ordinary classroom activities.
  3. Make sure to point out that differences are valued. When students are completing handout, ensure that friendship groups are separated to encourage individuality and a greater variety of responses. This will also make the guessing task more challenging.
  4. Teachers may add to or amend the handout as appropriate for their classes.


Stars or other prizes


  1. Introduce this activity by explaining that each person has different likes, skills and abilities which make them unique and contribute to their individual identity. This activity aims to help students explore the diversity of likes, skills and abilities in the classroom.
  2. Ask students to complete the handout: Guess who? [DOC] listing their own likes, skills and abilities.
  3. Collect the handouts and with the exception of students’ names read the information from each of the handouts in turn, asking the class to guess who is being described. The class is allowed three guesses. The student who correctly guesses gets a star (or other prize). If there are no correct guesses, the student who has been described gets a star.