Anti-discrimination crossword puzzle solved

Questions and answers to Junior crossword puzzle: Discrimination

Across questions and answers

3 across question: Equal treatment which has an unfair effect on some racial groups is called ____________ racial discrimination – Answer: INDIRECT
5 across question: Intentional or unintentional discrimination by institutions against particular groups is called ______ – Answer: INSTITUTIONAL
7 across question: Unfair treatment of people because they belong to a particular group – Answer: DISCRIMINATION
8 across question: Discrimination on the basis of race – Answer: RACISM
10 across question: Public act which is likely to insult, humiliate or intimidate – Answer: VILIFICATION
11. across question: An idea or image which portrays members of groups as having the same characteristics or attributes – Answer: STEREOTYPE
12. across question: Fear or hatred of foreigners- Answer: XENOPHOBIA

Down questions and answers

1 down question: Treating people unfairly because of their race is called _____ racial discrimination – Answer: DIRECT
2 down question. A preconceived negative opinion or attitude – Answer: PREJUDICE
4 down question: Racism expressed by individuals is called ____ racism – Answer: INDIVIDUAL
6 down question: A prejudice or preference – Answer: BIAS
9 down question: Behaviour which offends, humiliates or intimidates a person – Answer: STEREOTYPE