K.7: Flip book

Lesson overview

Theme:Being comfortable with difference
Age Group:Kindergarten
Learning Area:English

Content descriptor

Students respond to a range of imaginative and creative texts, by making a flip book using their own self-portraits.

Teachers notes

  1. This activity helps students to recognise and celebrate difference.
  2. Some students may need encouragement to join in.
  3. Teachers should discourage disparaging remarks about other students’ features.



  1. Staple together the completed self-portraits from the previous activity (K.6:Reflections) to make one or several books.
  2. Use scissors or a guillotine to slice the faces into five to make a flip book. When complete, students will be able to mix and match hair, eyes, noses and ears and mouths by flipping different sections of the book.
  3. Ask students to create new faces by mixing and matching elements in the flip book.
  4. Discuss the process with the class, e.g. “Let’s put Lexis’s eyes with Xu Xu’s nose and Mohammed’s mouth“. Conclude with the message “It’s okay to be different.”
  5. Students could write sentences to describe new characters that they have made using different facial combinations.