K.5: Special things

Lesson overview

Theme:Developing identity and self-esteem
Age Group:Kindergarten
Learning Area:English

Content descriptor

Students describe an object of interest to the class e.g.  toy, pet.

Teachers notes

  1. Teacher may need to use a camera to photograph items that cannot be left at school or use a digital camera to make a slide show of all the items.
  2. This activity builds on the language and themes identified in activity K.4 ‘Me’ collage.



  1. Ask students to bring in a toy or book that is special to them e.g. a teddy bear, ball, book.
  2. Ask students to tell the class why it is special. e.g. “My special toy is … because… it has wings/ my Nan gave it to me/ she fits in my bag.”
  3. Ask students to sit in a circle and complete the following statement: “My special toy is _____ and Z’s (student on the right) special toy is his/her ______” e.g. “My special toy is my doll and Luca’s special toy is his puppy.”
  4. Ask students to write or trace their names on labels and tag their special thing.
  5. Using the handout, Special things about me! [DOC], ask students to draw their special toy in the box on the bottom left of the page.
    1. I like …
    2. I am good at …
    3. Something special to me is …
    4. Someone special to me is …
  6. Ask students to complete and colour the worksheet, Special things about me! Use the activity K.4: ‘Me’ collage to help students with completing other boxes.
  7. Display students’ work to be used as basis for discussion.