K.4: ‘Me’ collage

Lesson overview

Theme:Developing identity and self-esteem
Age Group:Kindergarten
Learning Area:Personal Development, Health and Physical Education

Content descriptor

Students make associations with characteristics that identify each of us, for example: food that we like; places that we like to go with our family and/ or friends; colours that we like; games that we like to play.

Teachers notes

  1. This activity draws attention to the value placed on each student.
  2. Teachers may choose to limit the number of sentences that are modelled.
  3. At all times encourage positive statements. Teacher may have to question further or make suggestions to assist students to complete this activity
  4. The ‘Me’ collages may be stapled together to make a big book for shared reading activities.


A3 paper, textas or crayons, glue/paste, magazines and scissors


  1. Ask students to sit in a circle with teacher. As a model, complete the following statement: “My name is X and I like to eat ____.” e.g. “My name is Mary and I like to eat sushi.” Ask students to each have a turn completing the statement.
  2. Model a sentence for each of the chosen items (places that I like to go, colours that I like, games I like to play).
  3. At tables, ask students to write or trace names. Ask students to think of positive descriptive statements about themselves and write them down.
  4. Ask students to create a personal collage using pictures cut from magazines or drawing food that they like to eat e.g. sushi, peaches, ice cream, broccoli.
  5. Collect collages and use the statements to reinforce the language structure learned. For example, “Coco likes to eat peaches. Coco likes to visit the park with her family“.